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Cynthia T.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:32 pm EDT

Heater (toyo stove, oil barrel) turn water back on clear hot water heater.

Member Comments: Excellent, never any problems. Would not use anyone else.

Laura K.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:30 pm EDT

He diagnosed and repaired my furnace and adjusted the gas flow to where it should be.

Well to start with I found him through Home Adviser.com you know the free site.

I contacted the office and they were booked solid but he managed to make time to come by and diagnose the inoperative furnace, he found a contact on a sensor and the sensor were dirty he cleaned them and also found the induction motor is not working properly. With in 30 minutes of arriving he had it up and running. The best part was he explained what all he was doing and the items that he was checking.

Unlike the other companies I have felt with that want you away from them while there working he was very open to me being in the furnace room with him and was very good at educating me about what was going on. The other guy want you to stay away then blow a bunch of technical muni jumbo at you with a outrageous bill and expect you to be happy with them.

I feel Wil really wants you to be happy with his work and wants you to be able to understand every thing going on.

Wil keep up the good work.

Myrtle M.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:22 pm EDT

We have used Mr. Attwood since 2006 when we purchased our home and he is magnificent! He is punctual, his staff is professional, friendly, efficient, and they manage the time to accomplish a job very well. We are always satisfied with the job they do for us and we recommend them to all of our neighbors and friends!

James H.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:17 pm EDT

I hired Wil to replace the furnace, hot water heater, home humidifier, and well pressure tank. The cost was very good for what they did. It took longer than expected due to a learning curve. I'm guessing they have not installed certain components of the system before or only a couple times. I was disappointed that I had to pay for there education and stuff. But the equipment is top notch the total quality of work at the end is outstanding. The final bill was a bit higher than the estimated cost. Luckily I removed all the old equipment my self or the final bill would have been more.

Michelle R.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:11 pm EDT

I needed outside house repairs done,such as I needed huge lilac tree taken out along with roots, some tree branches cut. And garage roof on one side fixed,board was rotted out, needed deck upstairs more wood put in rails to far apart, put steps by deck handrails were needed. fixed part of the roof by chimney that a huge vine had grown into(cant remember name of shielding used). At bottom of chimney sealed on upper deck. Helped with moving the roots away and branches from one tree. I think that was it.

It was excellent work. I was quoted a price before work and how long it might take. Money was tight at the time and told them that. Being a widow I know companies like to take advantage of them. These guys provided honesty and friendly environment. They used cedar which smells so good(LOL). After they were done they showed me everything one by one what was done and they asked how I liked it during and at the end. These two wonderful gentlemen are polite, treat you with respect and no question from me was dumb. They worked through a lunch break. And no mess left behind, you would never be able to tell it was done that evening.

I can not say enough on how good they all were, and the work is done right and sturdy, no "shortcuts or as I say Mickey Mouse done). I do not have the pictures yet but will come.

I can call and schedule appt and do not have to wait forever for someone to show up. The owner came out and checked everything when it was done. This company has excellent personalities, performance and all around the best I could have ever wished for.

Women you can trust thise people, my doors were all unlocked and I never worried about anything. Thank you so very much for providing this to and for me. In a heartbeat I would recommend them.

Michelle M Roth
Anyone have questions they will also be posted on facebook under my name.
Proves people are still honest. MGBY all.

Suzi W.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:04 pm EDT

August 11, 2015

Project Price Range: less than $1,000

I own a cabin that was built on tree stumps in 1943!! One of the trees had disintegrated, the center support was two cinder blocks with a least a foot of shims and the other side was just 3 cinder blocks. Needless to say it desperately needed help. Wil and Rick came over and decided to build a couple of cribs out of railroad ties. It is very, very secure now. They completed it all in 4 1/2 hours. Very reasonable!! Very knowledgeable!! And they cleaned up all of the mess!! I am so totally impressed!!

Gumfory Underground

Friday, December 05 14 04:20 pm EST

I have used Wil Attwood's services on my job sites. I am impressed with their efficiency and timeliness. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Debra M.

Monday, July 14 14 01:58 pm EDT

Thanks for always being responsive to my requests and delivering great service and workmanship. I would definitely recommend Wil and his crew for your service needs.

Lynda P.

Wednesday, July 09 14 02:23 pm EDT

Thankyou! You replaced my back porch/deck with high quality materials "and workman ship". Also my front porch, no longer moves as entered as the support underneath stopped the movement caused by being cantilevered. Now I may turn on my alarm systems. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs repair or replacements done on their homes. Your employes are highly recommended also. I am pleased with the high quality and talent during my deck replacement and repair/ improvement on my front porch/entryway. Thankyou.

Svietla L.

Tuesday, July 08 14 06:55 pm EDT

Svietla L. Posted on 6/1/14
Very polite and professional , good work. I'll call you again when something breaks. Svietla

Craig & Naomi C.

Tuesday, July 08 14 06:50 pm EDT

Craig & Naomi C. Posted on 5/28/14
Outstanding dependable quality service at a fair price. What else can you ask?

Debra M.

Wednesday, September 02 15 03:32 pm EDT

Debra M. Posted on 5/2/2014
I called to request service and a qualified plumber showed up promptly and completed the work requested in a swift professional manner. Thank you.

Nancy R.

Thursday, May 01 14 12:09 pm EDT

Staff went beyond expectations to find satisfactory replacement for an aging system.

Debra M.

Thursday, May 01 14 12:08 pm EDT

Posted on 4/21/14
The plumber came to our site and did the work requested in a timely, professional manner. No frills, no nonsense. It was only after he left that I realized there was a much easier and better way to do what was done. It would have been nice for him, as a professional, to suggest I consider other options for a more suitable long-term solution. Otherwise I was pleased with the quality and timeless of work and would definitely recommend to others.

Kim W.

Wednesday, April 09 14 12:45 pm EDT

We have recently had Shawn fix shower plumbing and we will call for him every time in the future. I have already, and will continue, to recommend him to everyone I know. He came exactly when scheduled, worked quickly and with expertise, and was cheerful and knowledgeable about other issues also. Great service -- it's a big relief to know this company is out there.

Pat E.

Friday, March 21 14 01:17 pm EDT

Thank you as always dependable service. I really appreciate you and your staff.